DOT Services

Vanguard Health & Safety Services Inc. is proud to assist with all your DOT needs. We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art technology to provide a proactive DOT compliance solution to ensure that our clients receive the highest possible levels of service and accuracy. Contact us today for assistance with the following:

osha book
  • 2290 Truck Tax Filing

  • Driver Qualifications Files

  • IFTA Decal Replacements

  • IFTA Decal Annual Renewal

  • IFTA/WDT Quarterly Taxes

  • IRP Plate Replacement

  • IRP Cab Card Replacement

  • IRP Annual Renewal

  • IRP Vehicle Addition

  • IRP/IFTA/WD Initial Filing and Set-Up

  • MCS-150 Biennial Updates

  • Unified Carrier Registration

  • Weight Distance Permits

  • Weight Distance Permit Annual Renewal

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